Research Advisory Committee

The Decentralized Research Advisory Council (DRAC) is a group established by WERF to determine the annual projects and priorities for research in the Environmental Science and Engineering topic area.

A. Robert Rubin, Ed.D., Chair
McKim & Creed

Matt Byers, Ph.D.
Zoeller Company

Todd A. Danielson, P.E.
Loudoun Water

Juli Beth Hinds, AICP
VHB Pioneer

Bob Freeman, P.E.
EPA - Region 4

James F. Kreissl
Environmental Consultant

Charles McEntyre, P.E.
Tennessee Valley Authority

Robert L. Siegrist, Ph.D., P.E.
Colorado School of Mines


WERF Research Council Liaison:

George Tchobanoglous, Ph.D.
Tchobanoglous Consulting