The DWRC partners work collectively to provide the latest news on decentralized systems research, training, and education.

RESEARCH:        Visit the WERF Decentralized Knowledge Area for the latest in research products and news.  We encourage you to sign-up for this knowledge area to receive new about research progress, web seminars, upcoming events, and more directly to your email

TRAINING:        CIDWT develops model practitioner and university curriculum for onsite / decentralized wastewater treatment as well as national training programs for decentralized O&M service providers and  installers. Visit CIDWT to obtain training materials and view the training calendar.

EDUCATION:       NOWRA offers a number of education opportunities for the decentralized wastewater industry, including its annual national conference, an Installer Academy, and state association training programs. Visit NOWRA for the latest schedule of events.



A list of additional resources and links is provided, including links to all of the partners on EPA’s decentralized memorandum of understanding.