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CIDWT Glossary and Train-the-Trainer Program

Publication Date: February 2008
Cooperating Institution: Consortium of Institutes for Decentralized Wastewater Treatment (CIDWT)
Sub-Grantee: Bruce Lesikar
Project Budget: $159,078
Project Identifier: 05-DEC-2SG


Glossary: Increased interaction between and among professional organizations and industry groups involved with decentralized wastewater treatment has created a critical need for common terminology relative to system siting and design, regulatory permitting and enforcement, component construction and installation, operation, maintenance and monitoring, as well as consumer education. The glossary provides a comprehensive list of common terminology and associated definitions required for continued advancement of all sectors of this field. The implementation of the glossary in future training and education materials will expose an increasing numbers of practitioners to the terminology and thus facilitate clear communication within the industry.

Train-the-Trainer Program: As interaction among practitioners has gained a national perspective, personnel in the field have regularly expressed their desire for more consistency in the content and delivery of training and education materials. Program directors need assistance to develop high-quality materials and to ensure effective and consistent delivery. In conjunction with this project CIDWT conducted two Train-the-Trainer academies to build capacity in practitioner training and education.

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