Environmental Science and Engineering

Nitrogen Removal and Sustainability of Vertical Flow Constructed Wetlands for Small-Scale Wastewater Treatment: Recommendations for Improvements

Publication Date: August 2010
Cooperating Institution: Michigan Technological University
Principal Investigator Valerie J. Fuchs
Project Budget: $27,144
Project Identifier: DEC12U06


This student-led research project focused on vertical flow constructed wetland (VFCW) and its capacity to remove ammonium and nitrate nitrogen from wastewater. The project team demonstrates that VFCWs are an efficient and low-energy technology for wastewater nitrification, and have excellent potential for denitrification. Constructed wetlands may be an appropriate solution for resource recovery and reducing environmental impacts. The design recommendations from this study provide an improvement on available guidelines because of their basis in the mechanisms established from the experimental and modeling results.

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Final Report