Environmental Science and Engineering

Performance Dynamics of Trace Organic Chemicals in Onsite Treatment Units and Systems

Publication Date: August 2010
Cooperating Institution: Colorado School of Mines
Principal Investigator Jennifer Teerlink
Project Budget: $76,200
Project Identifier: DEC14U06


The objective of this student-led study was to investigate the fate and occurrence of trace organic contaminants (TOrC) in Onsite Wastewater Systems (OWS) in an effort to understand the presence and attenuation of TOrC in these systems. A full-scale septic tank and sequencing batch membrane bioreactor (SBMBR) were used to provide water for the experiments. Bench-scale soil columns were used to simulate the performance of soil absorption systems. Effluent from both STE and SBMBR were used in soil column experiments.

Associated Documents:

Final Report