Management, Economics and Policy

International Issues and Innovations in Integrated and Decentralized Water Resource Infrastructure

Publication Date: November 2010
Cooperating Institution: Coalition for Alternative Wastewater Treatment (CAWT)
Principal Investigator: Valerie Nelson
Project Budget: $173,920
Project Identifier: DEC7SG06


This report presents updated work from eight of the key speakers at the 2007 international conference Water for All Life: A Decentralized Infrastructure for a Sustainable Future. Each chapter represents a major thread in the new fabric of understanding of water sustainability that became embodied in the Baltimore Charter which was drafted following the conference. In addition to chapters on a new water management paradigm, new technologies and tools for sustainability, and institutions and barriers, the report includes a chapter on eco-cities as well as resource directory of international experts. A final chapter is included on prospects for innovation in the United States.

Associated Documents:
Final Report