Management, Economics and Policy

Application of a Risk-Based Approach to Community Wastewater Management: Tisbury, Massachusetts

Publication Date: August 2002
Cooperating Institution: Town of Tisbury, Massachusetts
Principal Investigator: Dennis Luttrell
Project Budget: $94,494.50
Project Identifier: WU-HT-00-26


The Town of Tisbury has developed a Community Wastewater Management Plan (CWMP) to provide for comprehensive management of approximately 2,400 septic systems in the Town. NDWRCDP support has been provided to the Town to assist them in performing an environmental risk assessment of Tisbury's waterbodies and groundwater, and to all for the development of a risk-based management program for decentralized wastewater systems. The project will include a characterization of environmental impacts from existing systems, and development of a water quality protection strategy incorporating performance-based standards and application of alternative wastewater treatment technologies and cluster designs according to the sensitivity of the receiving environment.

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