Management, Economics and Policy

Wastewater Planning Handbook: Mapping Onsite Treatment Needs, Pollution Risks, and Management Options Using GIS

Publication Date: February 2004
Cooperating Institution: University of Rhode Island Cooperative Extension
Principal Investigator: Lorraine Joubert
Project Budget: $87,028
Project Identifier: WU-HT-01-17


This project will develop a guidance manual for small communities on use of computer-generated maps and other databases for wastewater management planning. The primary objective will be to synthesize methods for risk-based assessment of watersheds and aquifer recharge areas used by the University of Rhode Island Cooperative Extension. The focus will be on relatively low-cost screening-level analysis, using available databases to target high-risk pollution sources. The manual will employ practical examples from several community-based assessments to describe both the methods used and the process of involving local decision-makers in the assessment. A secondary objective will be to review and summarize similar assessment methods using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for data collection, analysis, focusing on wastewater needs assessment applications. The intended audience for this manual includes community leaders, local planners, and resource managers faced with making land use and wastewater management decisions.

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Final Report

Executive Summary