Management, Economics and Policy

Onsite Wastewater Regulator Outreach and Coordination Project

Publication Date: November 2004
Cooperating Institution: Chase Environmental Services
Principal Investigator: Paul Chase
Project Budget: $80,000
Project Identifier: WU-HT-01-16


Chase Environmental working with the National Small Flows Clearinghouse and the State Onsite Regulators Alliance will establish a communication link between the PSC and the regulatory community in order to keep the regulatory community informed of new developments in the decentralized wastewater field as a result of NDWRCDP efforts, and to obtain timely input from the regulatory community to assist the PSC in planning program activities. Activities will include a presentation on the NDWRCDP and facilitated discussion between state regulators and NDWRCDP PSC members at the 2001 and 2002 National Onsite Wastewater State Regulators Conferences, an investigation of the feasibility of a national round table conference that would include the NDWRCDP, national wastewater related associations, the onsite wastewater regulatory community, and other related organizations, and ongoing interactions with the NSFC State Regulators Advisory Committee to obtain feedback on NDWRCDP research objectives and project progress.